Kate Bradbury

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The best way to attract wildlife to your garden is to build a pond. Discover how to do it, and then watch the wildlife come, month by month.

If you want to do your bit to support local biodiversity, pick up a spade and start digging. By putting a pond in your back garden, you have the potential to attract and support a huge array of species. How to Create a Wildlife Pond makes the process easy, with fully photographed step-by-steps showing you how to plan, dig, line, and fill a simple wildlife pond, alongside alternatives including container ponds and more formal designs. Discover the best mix of aquatic plants you'll need to keep your pond thriving, how to make sure that creatures can enter and exit the water safely, and the little extra touches that can encourage all kinds of wildlife to visit.

Once your pond is ready, sit back and watch nature do its work. Follow the story of your pond from season to season as the book takes you through the variety of creatures that will visit your new water feature: the blackbird that bathes in the shallows; the snuffling hedgehog that has come to quench its thirst; the bat that soars above the water at nightfall to feast on rising insects.

Every garden should have a pond, and with this book, you'll have everything you need to create a pond that will teem with life for years to come.

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