Game - Machi Koro Legacy

Price: $47.99
The first family friendly legacy style game. Set in the best-selling world of Machi Koro!
Compete in a 10 game series that tells a complete story set in the world of Machi Koro where the choices of players will create a unique game-play experience!
No two Machi Koro legacy campaigns will ever be alike!
New buildings, new mechanics, new game play! Fans of the best-selling Machi Koro are going to find a lot of unique elements they have never seen before. Pirate ships that move around the board attacking their villages to friendly Turtles that help them earn money.
After the campaign is over, you can continue to play your copy of Machi Koro legacy forever! You and your friends will have a unique Machi Koro experience unlike any other copy of Machi Koro legacy!
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