Marcus Sakey

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Since 1980, 1% of the population have been born as “Brilliants” – abnormal individuals who have special talents ranging from low-tier (eidetic memory) to high-tier (rapidly reading every outcome of a situation in the blink of an eye). Nick Cooper is one such individual, who works as a special agent for the Department of Analysis and Response, and hunts down Brilliants who are a danger to society. Nick’s work for the DAR puts him on the hunt for one of the most dangerous Brilliant’s out there – John Smith, who is responsible for the death of 73 civilians. The hunt takes Nick on a thrilling chase across the country, where his life is in danger at every turn. A loyal DAR agent, he begins to question the government’s treatment of individuals who are born different. Are they inherently a risk or do they become that due to society’s treatment? This book is more than just an exciting romp, it takes a hard look at how we confront change and differences, especially in the context of fear.


A 2013 Edgar Award Nominee for Best Paperback Original

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