Bagram Ibatoulline (Illustrator); Kate DiCamillo

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This magical book tells the wondrous tale of a vain china rabbit who, through adventures of tragedy and loss, learns what it is to love.

The beginning of this beautiful book introduces us to Abilene, whose wise and generous Grandmother, Pellegrina, gives her a tall china rabbit by the name of Edward Tulane. Abilene loves her china rabbit but sadly, not more than Edward loves himself!

Soon, Edward is lost overboard while Abilene is on an ocean liner on her way to England and his adventures begin… and what adventures! Starting with an old fisherman and his wife who long for the company and comfort of a child to care for and moving on to a railcar traveling hobo and his dog, Lucy – Edward has a gradual epiphany which deepens with every kind soul he meets, teaching him the richness of a full and open heart. Yes, I am an adult. Yes, this is a “children’s book”. But so seldom do we stumble upon beauty and truth in the world that I just, well…I have to call it like I see it:

This book with its wonderful illustrations, immaculately illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline, is a fable with a valuable message that is profound, moving and ageless.



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